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Quirky Totem Pole Appears in Norwich, England

Passersby Get Involved With Unusual Crochet Project

As part of the Maker’s Month festival at The Forum in Norwich, passersby were asked to add to this unusual crochet project.

Textile artists Kally Davidson and Johanne Couldrey  started off a totem pole by creating an array of crochet characters and attaching them to the top of the pole.

The pair wanted to inspire people to be creative and take part irrespective of their crocheting ability. All in all, they were very pleased with how the project was taking shape. Ms Davidson had this to say to the Eastern Daily Press:

“It’s playful, it’s inventive, it’s fun. It is nice to help people feel free 
in themselves to be creative,” she said. “It has been busy so far, with beginners through to people who are very experienced at crochet taking part. But they are all having a go at being free and playful with what they create.

“I quite like that we are not saying ‘make this animal’. we are just seeing what evolves.”

She added: “It is like a story of everybody who takes part. It 
has got lots of different elements. At the start it was Jo and me but 
now more has been added to the story.”

The finished totem pole ended up featuring a menagerie of fantastical creatures. The colorful crochet project will be on display at The Forum throughout February for the Makers’ Month festival.

Photo: Anton Kelly

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