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Rainbow Puff Crochet Hexagon [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Add This Rainbow Puff Crochet Hexagon To Your Projects

Add this Rainbow Puff Crochet Hexagon to your projects.

This is a wonderful project for crochet beginners who would like to advance their skills in Puff Stitch.

This hexagon can be used for a huge variety of projects, which will ultimately look stunning. The more practice you have crafting these different designs, the more scope and creativity you will achieve in your crocheting.

The designer of this hexagon is Celine over at Crafty CC.

To access the FREE pattern, photo tutorial and diagram for this hexagon, please click on this link: Rainbow Puff Hexagon

In addition for those of you who would like information on the invisible join, please click here: Invisible Join

Featured image: Celine over at Crafty CC. – thank you!

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