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How to Read Crochet Chart Symbols [FREE VIDEO Tutorial]

Learn How To Read Crochet Chart Symbols The Easy Way

Are you struggling with crochet charts and want to learn how to read crochet chart symbols in a quick and easy way? Then this excellent video tutorial from Marly Bird is the tutorial for you!

Marly Bird is a brilliant crochet and knitwear designer. In this excellent video tutorial she shows you her top tips and trick when it comes to deciphering chart symbols.

In addition, she has also developed a basic crochet symbol key. You can access this from her website by clicking here: Crochet Symbol Key or just watch below.

So, after having seen this great video tutorial, you will find that reading chart symbols for crochet patterns have never been easier!

View this informative video tutorial from Marly Bird and learn how to read crochet chart symbols the easy way!

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