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Simple Crochet Prayer Shawl [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Craft This Easy, Quick And Simple Crochet Prayer Shawl

Craft this easy, quick and Simple Crochet Prayer Shawl it´s an absolute delight and very comfortable.

This is a wonderful shawl to craft as a gift. It has beautiful texture and is an easy repetitive stitch.

In fact, this pattern is an ideal project for confident beginners.

Once completed, the crocheted shawl should measure approximately 50 inches wide and 32 inches long, or if you prefer metric measurements, 127 cm x 81.28 cm.

The Designer of this fabulous shawl is Michael Sellick over at The Crochet Crowd. He has also given us a brilliant video which will help you complete this easily. Please click here for the video: Crochet More Conversation Shawl

In fact, you can access the FREE downloadable pattern for this beautifully crafted shawl from his website.

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for this gorgeous crocheted shawl, please click on this link: More Conversation Shawl

If you like this pattern and would like to see other FREE shawl patterns, please click here: Shawls

Featured image: Michael Sellick over at The Crochet Crowd – thank you!

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