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Simple Crocheted Pot Holders [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Create These Simple Crocheted Pot Holders

Great and Simple Crocheted Pot Holders that can double as your non-stick pots and pan protectors from scratches too.

Match the colors of your kitchen and make a bunch of them! Once you use these crocheted pot holders, you’ll put away your store bought right away.

Beginner with practice can create any of the two pattern instruction. You can change the color scheme to your preference easily too.

Complete this crocheted pot holder project with just 5 rounds.

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These very easy and useful crocheted pot holder patterns are from our friend Kara at her Petals to Picots crochet blog.

Access the FREE pattern for this two simple crocheted pot holders that doubles as non-stick pots and pan protectors.

You can get the FREE simple crocheted pot holder by clicking here: Simple Pot Holder Pattern

There are two patterns and instructions available.

Featured image(s): Petals to Picots – thank you!

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