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Snowflake Crocheted Table Runner [FREE Crochet Pattern+Tutorial]

Create This Superb Snowflake Crocheted Table Runner For Your Table This Season

Create this superb Snowflake Crocheted Table Runner for your table this season. It looks amazing placed on a bare table during the winter season and creates a warm and homely atmosphere in and among all your decorations.

Craft them all in one color or in a variety of colors to match your other decorations. It is an easy project to make, despite it´s complicated look and is suitable for confident beginners and is EASY!

For confident beginners, however, you will need to know how to craft the magic circle/ ring. For tutorials on this, just click here :

Crochet In the Round

Video Tutorial on The Magic Ring

Not only is this suitable for the festive holiday moments, but ideal for the entire winter long.

The completed size of this amazing runner should be approx. 57 inches long by 14 inches wide, and each snowflake measure 5.5 inches form point to point.

If you prefer metric measurements however,  it should be approx. 144.78 cm long by 35.56 cm wide and with each snowflake measuring 13.97 cm from point to point.

The designer of these splendid table piece is Mary Jane Protus on behalf of Redheart, but you can also access this pattern from the web site at Fave Crafts.

To access the FREE pattern and diagram directly from Fave Crafts, please click here: Crocheted Snowflake Table Runner 

If you like this pattern and would like to see more FREE Seasonal Patterns, please click here: Seasonal Patterns

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