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Students Crochet Mats for Homeless

Need A New Hobby? Try Crocheting Plastic Bags Into Sleeping Mats For Those Sleeping Rough!

The National Honor Society at Three Rivers High School is crocheting mats for the homeless out of recyclable plastic bags as part of the “Miles For Mats” project.

The high-school students are busy collecting bags to create “plarn” (plastic yarn) for crocheting the mats. Each mat requires 500 – 700 bags and measures six-by-four foot.

Plastic bags are one of the worst offenders of the wasteful products that polluting our ocean and filling up the limited space in landfills.

So what can we all do about it? We could follow in the footsteps of these high-school students and start reusing the plastic bags we all have lying about the place.

Plarn is particular well suited for crocheting sleeping mats for people without access to shelter. As sleeping mats, they are more hygienic as well as beign water proof.

The crocheted mats can easily be transported, and provide protection from cold concrete or cold seeping up from the ground. All attributes which make them a welcome comfort to those living rough, while also keeping more plastic out of landfill and our marine systems.

This short video clip shows the students at Three Rivers High School in action.

If you would like to have a go at making these mats for yourself, here is a video showing how you can make the crocheted mats.

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