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Super Cute Crocheted Love Infinity Scarf [FREE Crochet Pattern]

Create This Super Cute Crocheted Love Infinity Scarf

Super cute crocheted love infinity scarf pattern was the Winter 2015 Mini Crochet-Along pattern.

The first half of the pattern debuted on February 6th, and the second half was added as of February 13th at Moogly blog.

You’ll love having this scarf because it will make you feel warm and comfortable during cold weather.

Special stitches and making it fluffy is a necessary crocheting skill for this project.  Thus, this is an ideal project for intermediate to expert level crocheters.

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Designer Tamara Kelly over at Moogly designed this adorable love infinity scarf.

She has written a lot of great and easy to follow crochet patterns.

In fact, you can download the FREE pattern for this cute crocheted love infinity scarf.

Access the FREE downloadable pattern for this lovely infinity scarf, please click here: Super Cute Love Infinity Scarf Pattern

Featured Image(s): Moogly, thank you!

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