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The Half Double!

How to Do a Half Double Crochet When Left-handed

In our previous article, we took a look at how to make a Double Crochet stitch. In this article, you will begin to learn how to do a Half Double Crochet. You will usually see this stitch in crochet patterns as a HDC.

The height of the Half Double Crochet stitch is between the height of the double and single crochet.  Another difference is that you draw through all three loops on your hook instead of only two at a time.

This easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial shows how you can make a half double crochet stitch if you are a left-handed crocheter. It builds on what you have learnt previously, so let’s get started!


In our next article we will keep building on what you have learnt so far and we will look at the Triple (or Treble) Crochet stitch

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