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Uncurl Tunisian Crochet [A How To Crochet Tutorial]

Learn How You Can Uncurl Tunisian Crochet

It is natural for Tunisian crochet to curl. In this article, we thought we would look at how you can uncurl Tunisian crochet or Afghan crochet.

Why do Tunisian crochet curl?

It is good old physics that is the cause. When you crochet ordinary stitches, the stitches are located on the top of your work.

Conversely, when you are using the Tunisian stitch, the stitches are located on the front of your work. This will eventually cause your work to curl forward as it grows.

How can you stop Tunisian crochet from curling?

There are a number of ways that you can stop your Tunisian crochet from curling:

  1. You can block your work.
  2. You can use a bigger hook to reduce the tension in your work.
  3. You can alter your foundation chain by pulling up your loops into the back ridge of each chain stitch.
  4. Use different stitches.

One of the stitches that work really well in counter-acting the curl, is the Tunisian Reverse Stitch. Using this stitch at the bottom, sides and the top of your work, will counter-act the curling.

Kim Guzman has made a great video tutorial. In the video, she shows how to do the Tunisian Reverse Stitch. You can find the tutorial further down on this page.

Kim is a very experienced Tunisian crocheter and she has a great course in Tunisian Crochet which you can find in Annie’s Craft Store.

Tunisian crochet course | the crochet space

Watch this great video tutorial made Kim Guzman. In the video, she shows how to do the Tunisian Reverse Stitch.


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